What is insurance | Types of health insurance | What does Health Insurance cover?

What is insurance Insurance is the weapon to deal with the possibility of any loss in future. We do not know what will happen tomorrow, so we try to compensate for the possible loss in the future through an insurance policy.   Click Hear to Download Insurance means protection from risk . If an insurance company insures a person, then the insurance company will compensate the financial loss to that person. Similarly, if the insurance company has insured a car, house or smartphone, then in the event of the breakdown, explosion, loss or damage of that thing, the insurance company will Life insurance covers the life of a person. Life Insurance: Life insurance means that on the death of a person who buys an insurance policy, his or her dependent gets compensation from the insurance company. If the head of the family dies prematurely, then it becomes difficult to manage the expenses of the household. It is necessary to take a life insurance policy to save